Thracian Oils is committed to the manufacturing and distilling of therapy-grade essential oils in Bulgaria, using only bio organic farming techniques. The company was founded in 2001 and in the beginning, we cultivated and farmed lavender and melissa. In the intervening years, we’ve grown significantly and now grow large quantities of more than 14 herbs.

Dedicated to the ‘seed to bottle’ philosophy that allows a customer to know the full history of the essential oils they purpose, we keep the entire production in house and monitor every stage of the process. This is how we’ve been able to make 100% pure and organic essential oils using steam distillation of raw material that’s been grown in the most fertile soil in Bulgaria – the Thracian Valley. We own vast swaths of land in the most ecologically clean region in Bulgaria and we use no pesticides in our herb cultivation.

Currently we cultivate – rose, melissa, lavender, sage, tansy, white pine, yarrow, hyssop, peppermint, juniper berry, clary sage, fennel, geranium, Matricaria Chamomilla and Roman chamomile.

Thracian Oils has also direct overview over faming with our farm having dedicated spaces for the crops we raise. We employ skilled farmers, sustainable farming practices and new equipment to increase harvest sizes and deal with common ailments during the growing season such as weed contamination. Once we have harvested our cultivation, Thracian Oils moves onto the distillation process, which is done in our own distillery plant. Our distillery is built using food grade stainless steel.

Thracian OilsThracian Oils is continuously growing. We’ve become the premier manufacturer and supplier of high-grade essential oils from Bulgaria to the whole world and have attracted numerous local growers in our midst. In the years to come, we plan to add more fields and increase crops. Right now, Thracian Oils is on the search for investment opportunities to upgrade and expand processing and storage facilities.