Bulgarian Herbs and Herb Essential Oils from Bulgaria

Here is a list of medical, organic Bulgarian herbs and spices, used in producing essential oils.

Bulgaria is a country of drop-dead gorgeous nature, having fertile lands and a great ecological balance. For the magnificent combination of jaw-dropping mountain peaks and endless beaches, Bulgaria has been described as “The Switzerland of the Balkans”.

In this regard, Bulgaria is a home of countless oil-bearing herbs. The country traces its herbalism traditions centuries back.

Bulgarian people have used mountainous, field, and forest herbs for thousands of years to heal themselves with the help of nature. Thanks to these deep traditions, Bulgarian people are literally equipped with invaluable knowledge of herbs and their health benefits.

Today, we will share with you some of their profound wisdom in the form of a list of 20 essential oil-bearing herbs.

  1. Anise – the essential oil of anise is a great support for an individual’s respiratory system. It is believed to alleviate coughing, asthma, and congestion. Anise is a real treat for all senses and is characterized by a tasty aroma, reminiscing of moist licorice candy.
  2. Eucalyptus Globulus – this essential oil is regularly made use of in steam rooms and saunas where it oozes out a refreshing aroma, contributing to the opening of the breathing passages. The oil of eucalyptus aids in the alleviation of sore muscles thanks to its cooling sensation.
  3. Hyssop – this herb has been hailed as sacred for its healing properties. And that’s not surprising! It is said to be stomach-setting, cold-soothing, and injury-healing. Better than a wise grandmother! Some menstrual symptoms derive great advantage from this sweet-spicy oil’s blood flow stimulation in the pelvic region.
  4. Clary Sage – the oil of clary sage is the most appropriate oil for balancing the female endocrine system. The oil is gentle, bears a sweet fragrance, aids in harmonizing women’s hormones, and provides an almost elated pleasure to the emotions and the mind.
  5. Fennel – this brilliant essential oil is quite aromatic and serves for clearing body blockages. Fennel oil is excellent for helping feminine comfort, digestion, and for balancing the weight. The respiratory system derives benefit not only from anise but also from fennel.
  6. Geranium – the oil of Geranium is a major contributor to a healthy and glowing hair and skin and is characterized by a sweet aroma, reminiscing of flowers. Geranium clears the pores, relieves anxiety, and helps for regulating hormones and tightening a swollen body.
  7. Juniper Berry – used for centuries to battle urinary conditions, fight infections, treat colds, and heal acne, juniper berry oil is a stupendous diuretic, cleanser, and purifier. Its warming, sweet, and woody fragrance reminds of pine trees in a tranquil forest.
  8. Lavender – beyond its inimitable scent, lavender oil instills a sense of well-being, harmonizing the nervous system, and is an amazing skin cleanser. Lavender oil is famed for being able to heal bruises, burns, insect bites, cuts, scars, and sore muscles. The soothing aroma makes it ideal for treating insomnia and anything related to stress.
  9. Matricaria Chamomila – the oil of German Chamomile is characterized by possessing the tender strength of an affectionate grandmother, calming both distressed emotions and upset stomachs. By being both soothing and anti-inflammatory, German Chamomile makes the hair shine and the skin glow.
  10. Melissa – regarded as “The Elixir of Life” in Switzerland and Germany, Melissa oil is reported to reduce flatulence, relieve cramps, regulate digestion, and promote a better functioning of the liver and the gallbladder. The oil also stimulates intuition and sensitivity and helps for finding inner serenity.
  11. Peppermint – by being invigoratingly fresh, the powerful peppermint oil is probably the most versatile and celebrated essential oil. The mint and slightly spicy scent has an instant effect on the functioning of the mind. The oil helps greatly in remedying tremors, general weakness, rapid heartbeat, headaches, and dizzy spells.
  12. Roman Chamomile – the essential oil is not only characterized by a sweet and comforting fragrance but it also abounds with health benefits. Roman Chamomile soothes irritated skin, indigestion, anxiety, and muscle spasms, aids in alleviating the premenstrual syndrome, and is a miraculous nerve sedative.
  13. Rose – there is hardly another flower that bears the rose’s fame in terms of a heavenly scent and a symbol of love. The rosewater and the essential oil are broadly made use of as fragrance constituents in soaps, skin care products, and food flavorings. The oil of roses is not only astonishing in heightening mental strength and self-esteem but it is a remarkable contributor to the battle against depression and anxiety.
  14. Rose Concrete – rose concrete is not only about the divine fragrance it possesses but also about the benefits for the health it is packed with, too. Females praise rose concrete oil for its amazing emmenagogue properties and can also be employed for relieving muscle pulls, cramps, convulsions, and spasmodic cholera.
  15. Rose Absolute – get lost in the aroma this flower oozes out but don’t forget that the rose absolute oil packs a mighty healthy punch. Revered for being a magical stress and anxiety reliever, rose absolute is also celebrated for reducing blood pressure and breathing rate, as well as alleviate pains associated with menstruation, such as menstrual cramps.
  16. Sage – the history of medicinal use of sage is lengthy. Made use of for promoting the nervous system, sage oil is also utilized for respiratory infections, menstrual imbalances, digestive complaints, and inflammation. Having an herbal scent with fresh hints, it is effective in bringing fever down, as well as decreasing excess water retention.
  17. Tansy – this gorgeous oil comes with a pleasant sweet tone. Believed to have potent antihistamine effects, knocking out allergies and hay fever, it is also admired for its anti-inflammatory properties and brilliant effects for calming down infections caused by allergies. The oil’s toxic effect defeats intestinal and parasitic worms that loiter in the human body.
  18. Feverfew – as the name suggests, the oil of feverfew is wondrous when it comes to reducing fever conditions and infections, such as various viruses, fungi, bacteria, and protozoa. The most broadly applauded benefit of feverfew is the amazing relief it provides for headaches and migraines. Feverfew also relieves and relaxes the vessels, thereby working in advantage of the cardiovascular system.
  19. White Pine – characterized by a warm, resinous, and quite appealing odor and a saccharine aroma, the oil of white pine demonstrates biological effects against pathogens. White Pine oil not only provides for a balanced, shiny, and smooth skin by fighting free radicals, but it also effectively treats various skin problems, especially eczema, fleas, psoriasis, pimples, sores, itching, and scabies.
  20. Yarrow – yarrow oil’s absolutely fantastic curative and soothing properties has earned it the name “nature’s wound-healing oil”. Emitting an herbaceous and pungent scent, yarrow gets rid of toxins, lurking around the blood stream, and effectively cleanses the digestive system from spicy food. Besides, yarrow oil is a brilliant antispasmodic and is excellent for people, suffering from rheumatic or arthritic problems.

These are some of the principal Bulgarian herbs and flowers whose essential oils have made miracles happen since deep antiquity.

Are you ready to purify your senses while enjoying the countless health benefits of these phenomenal herbs?