What is rose water and does it improve your skin?

Rose water is the product of distillation of oil bearing rose petals. The sort predominantly used as a material is Rosa Damascena, an extremely fragrant rose type which also possesses antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Rose water was produced as early as the periods of Ancient Egypt and India. There is information about the famed Avicenna, Arabic doctor, who first started to produce rose water by steam distillation.

In Ancient Rome, rose water was used to freshen up the air, and in the Middle Ages it became extremely popular as a product employed in baths to deal with depression.

How the production of rose water is carried out

In steam distillation, as a result of which rose oil appears on the surface, rose water is a secondary but also precious product. One kilogram of rose petals is needed to yield one kilogram of rose water. The fragrance is due to the etheric oil which is up to 1.1%.

Bulgaria, as a leading grower of Rosa Damascena, also ranks among the leaders in rose water production, along with France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, and Arabic countries.

The content of rose water

Rose water is rich in flavonoids and vitamins, such as A, B3, C, D, E. They are of prime importance for the health and attractive look of both the skin and the hair.

Below we will discuss the benefits of rose water for the skin. They are due to the refreshing properties of that product, which also stimulates regenerative processes in aging skin. Furthermore, rose water also improves blood circulation and maintains the water balance of the skin, which is the prerequisite for healthy and smooth look.

Cleaning the skin

As a product with antiseptic properties, rose water cleans the skin, and the scent it leaves is an added benefit. It is especially recommended for cleaning of tender baby skin, as it is a gentle product.

In adults, rose water compresses the skin pores and the skin looks smoother and tighter.

Some drops of rose water in the bath will have a refreshing impact

A host of beauties during the ages have used that product in the water when bathing. Several drops in the bath water will make a refreshing difference.

Alleviating effect for the skin, dealing with rashes

The alleviating effect of rose water is also due to the above mentioned properties. Men can also benefit from it, if they use rose water on their skin after shaving.

For people who have rashes, a poultice soaked in rose water will have a great effect.

For people with acne or rosacea

The antiseptic properties of rose water also help to deal with acne or rosacea.

Pampering the skin with rose water in the washing and in the iron

The aromatic effect of rose water, which is one of the factors for calming the skin, can be spread further. Just adding some drops to the detergent will replace and prove better than conditioners. While ironing, several drops in the water in the iron will also help to permeate the clothes with the scent. The skin will benefit from these small tricks.  

Facial masks with rose water

Combined with the properties of other products in facial masks, rose water will do its job to soften and alleviate the skin. One recipe for a facial is chickpea flour, sandal tree flour, turmeric and rose water. There is a simpler recipe which can tighten the skin and deal with wrinkles when applied regularly: it comprises apple vinegar and several drops of rose water.

Adding shine to makeup in the morning and cleaning makeup in the evening

After applying the makeup for the day, it is enough to sprinkle it with a bit of rose water. That will add a natural shine to the skin which will last throughout the day.

For people who do not use makeup, rose water can turn into the essential product for skin freshness during the day. They should keep a bottle of the water in the fridge, and sprinkle the face with it in the morning. The procedure is especially pleasant in the warm season, adding coolness. In all seasons, besides the delectable scent, rose water sprinkled on the face skin in the morning will act as a nutrient.

 Just rose water is sufficient to use to remove makeup in the evenings. Plus, that helps to hydrate the skin. So with rose water as makeup remover people get double benefits.

Those pesky dark circles under the eyes need rose water

For people who have dark circles under the eyes, that is one more reason to keep a bottle of rose water in the fridge, handy to be used in the morning. Soaking cotton pads with some of it and putting the pads on the dark circles for several minutes will gradually make the dark spots fade away. The soaked pads should be applied regularly.