Our Roots

Our farms are in Bulgaria’s Thracian Valley, a special place that helps us grow the best plants. We take care of our plants from start to finish, making sure everything we produce is of the highest quality.

Thracian Valley

How We Make Our Oils

In Thracian Oils, make sure the best practices are implemented, from picking flowers to making the final oil products. This includes:

  • Essential Oils
  • Floral Waters
  • Absolutes, Concretes

Our facilities are top-notch, certified for making both cosmetics and medicines. We control every step to make sure our oils and products are the best they can be.

Main directions

Our Expertise

Unlock nature’s hidden treasures…

Our Fields

Our fields are in the Thracian Valley, known for its clean air and good soil. Here, we grow roses, lavender, melissa, and mint. We also get some plants from local farmers we trust. This way, we make sure all our oils come from the best plants.

Our Distillery

Nestled in the heart of the Thracian Valley, our distillery in Zetiovo village is at the core of our operation. Made for water steam distillation of essential oils. This method ensures a process that is not only clean and safe but also safe for the environment.

With a capacity of 20m3, our distillery embodies our commitment to quality, sustainability, and the rich traditions of essential oil production that the Thracian Valley is renowned for.