Thracian Oils – High-grade Essential Oils from Bulgaria

Grown on fertile, ecologically clean soil in the Thracian Valley in Bulgaria, our herbs produce natural essential oils of medical grade. Thracian Oils is a Bulgarian manufacturer and has its own farm and fields, where we have full control over our harvest process from seed and soil management to growth control and then distillation. What you receive is 100% pure essential oils from Bulgaria suitable for the aroma therapy, health and beauty industries.

Lavender Field 2016

Currently, Thracian Oils manages over 200ha of herb fields, and has the following Bulgarian essential oils for sale:

  • Melissa oil 100kg / year
  • Lavender oil 4000kg / year

You can order different quantities – from 15gr to 1000kg!

Try it for yourself with a set of testers for every oil in our inventory.


Fresh & Healthy from Field to Bottle

We remain in full control over the entire operation, because we care about our harvest’s health and firmly believe in the principals of bio organic farming.

Thracian OilsThere are definite benefits to working with Thracian Oils:

  • We are a Bulgarian essential oils manufacturer, not agents
  • We sell wholesale quantities to any location around the world
  • We produce 100% pure oils that are therapy grade
  • We own fields in the cleanest region in Bulgaria, where we grow our herbs, and use only organic farming means

To complete the chain and maintain low prices, we also run our own farm, distillery and storage – with capacity to export internationally. In addition, Thracian Oils has grown a strong network with other local growers who are like-minded and equally passionate about organic farming.

This positions us as a leading wholesaler and exporter of essential Oils in Bulgaria and means you purchase top grade product for industry-best rates. It’s easy to get into a long-lasting partnership with us and draw a price model that best serves your business.

We Ship Worldwide – Wholesale and Retail

Thracian Oils gives you the following advantages when working with us:

  • Large quantities of the purest, organic essential oils in Bulgaria
  • Wholesale prices that are competitive on international level
  • Secure shipping to any destination around the world
  • Receive the freshest on a regular basis – reserve a share of our harvest

We manage 200 hectares of land and can meet needs for large quantities of oils on an annual basis. Our current capacity for Melissa oil stands at 100kg / year and for Lavender oil at 4000 kg / year.

Now that everything’s said, get in touch and we’ll discuss your needs and work out the best plan for you!

We also provide other associated products that grow well in the rich fertile fenland soils and flourish in the Bulgarian climate, from lavender and chamomile aromatherapy oils and rose floral water, to handmade frankincense soap.

Growing and steam distilling of aromatic herbs, for the production and supply of high quality floral waters and aromatherapy oils across the UK.