Essential oils

Juniper Berry Oil

Juniperus communis

Juniper Berry Oil, obtained through water-steam distillation of Juniperus communis fruit and wood.


Thracian Oils


Essential Oil

Extract Part

Fruits and wood

Extraction Method

Water-Steam Distillation


Thracian Valley, South-Central Bulgaria


Conventional / Organic / Pharmaceutical


Tournaire Aluminium Bottles 0.25kg, 0,5kg, 1kg, … 32kg

  • Product Details

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    Juniper Berry Essential Oil Shipped at Wholesale Rates
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  • Description

    Description of the tree
    The tree of juniper is easily recognized by the needle-like, stiff, green-blue leaves, tiny yellow blossoms, reddish trunk, and black/blue berries (that are the product of the female trees). The tree’s growth varies from 6 to 25 feet and the twigs emit an apple-lemony scent when crushed.

    Description of the oil
    Through steam distilling the wood, needles, and fruits (in powdered form) of juniper, one can obtain the essential oil whose scientific name is Juniper Communis. However, the oil that is extracted solely from the fruits (berries) bears a much higher quality.

    Juniper Berry oil’s fragrance can be defined as clean, spicy, and somewhat woody, with a pale color and water viscosity. When applied topically, the oil has a toning action on the skin and prevents skin blemishes.

    Juniper oil’s principal components comprise Camphene, Alpha Phellandrene, Beta Phellandrene, Cineole, Myrcene, Alpha Terpinene, Gamma Terpinene, Para Cymene, Caryophyllene, Sabinene, Bornyl Acetate, Terpineol, Alpha Pinene, and Beta Pinene. In addition, there are hints of Camphor, Nerol, Limonene, Linalool, Borneol, and Linalyl Acetate.

  • History and Origin

    History, origin
    The potency of Juniper berry oil is all-pervading owing to its countless, versatile benefits and uses. Famed for being a strong detoxifier and potent immune system promoter, the juniper berry plants hail from Bulgaria and possess a lengthy history of naturally thwarting both short-term and long-term ailments.

    Ancient times saw the use of both the berries and the branches for spiritual and medicinal purposes. When its aroma is at use, it purifies and cleanses the air and provides a grounding and calming effect.

  • Uses & Effects

    Combines well with
    The oil of juniper berry blends amazingly with countless essential oils, including Lime, Vetiver, Lavandin, Bergamot, Cypress, Lemon, Lavender, Lemongrass, Cedar Wood, Geranium, and Grapefruit.


    Use in aromatherapy
    Try placing one-two drops of juniper berry oil on your hand’s palm, rub both hands together, and then, in order to get a relaxation response, inhale the oil.

    Therapeutic use
    The mighty juniper oil not only has a unique sweet flavor for foods but also possesses sore muscle relieving, detoxifying, antifungal, relaxant, antioxidant, digestive, and antiseptic properties.

    The essential oil finds use in numerous industries, including being a flavor for alcoholic spirits, such as gin, but let’s discover its innumerable health properties.

    To begin with, a host of studies have demonstrated that juniper essential oil’s monoterpene components increase living organisms’ resistance to oxidative stress.

    In the past, those who ferociously fought in battles and at some point had been wounded, were treated with juniper oil for its antiseptic characteristics. The oil was even made use of for injuries for both the child and the mother during challenging labors, thus protecting wounds and preventing the development of tetanus.

    The essential oil of juniper berry is very helpful in the battle with respiratory infections, sore throats, arthritis, fatigue, and muscle aches. According to research, it possesses antifungal, antibacterial, and antioxidant activities.

    Many people derive benefit from juniper oil’s digestive booster properties. It aids in promoting the secretion of digestive enzymes and facilitates the absorption of nutrients, fats, and proteins from different foods. Should you like to boost your digestion or cleanse the liver, adding a couple of drops to water or a smoothie (bear in mind that this should only be done with 100% pure therapeutic-grade oil) as a dietary supplement.

    In this regard, juniper berry oil is very effective in fighting acid reflux and heartburn. In order to soothe problems with indigestion, either take some drops internally or massage one-two drops of juniper together with coconut oil over the chest, abdomen, and the entire stomach.

    The best way to detoxify a body is through urination and juniper berry oil is very potent here as it speeds it up, thus drawing waste, irritants, and toxins out of the digestive tract. In addition, owing to juniper oil’s effects in fighting stress and stress-related feelings, it aids us in combatting emotional eating and food cravings.

    Besides being a principal ingredient in the making of gin, it is also a key additive to drinks, marinades, sauces, and bitters. But that is not all – juniper oil is also a wonderful preservative because it keeps away bacteria from food.

    Juniper oil helps those persons who suffer from sore muscles, arthritis, joint and bone pains, and injuries since it greatly reduces inflammation and lessens pain. In an effort to provide relief, together with a carrier oil, massage a couple of drops of juniper in the designated areas.


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