Concretes & Absolutes

Lavender Absolute

Lavandula Vera or Angustifolia

Lavender Absolute, obtained through water-steam distillation of Lavandula angustifolia and Vera flowers.


Thracian Oils




20 kg


Conventional / Organic / Pharmaceutical

Extract Part



Thracian Valley, South-Central Bulgaria

Extraction Method

Water-Steam Distillation


Stainless drum of 20kg/50kg/180kg, Tournaire Aluminium Bottles 0.25kg, 0,5kg, 1kg, … 32kg

  • Product Details

    Our Bulgarian Lavender Absolute is derived from the Lavender Concrete produced in our own fields from Lavandula angustifolia and Vera flowers.

    This absolute is a green-tinged, fluid liquid renowned for its superb Lavender fragrance—a hallmark of our products. It contains a high concentration of valued esters, such as linalyl acetate, which are celebrated for their aromatic qualities in Lavender essential oil.

    To ensure the consistent excellence of our Bulgarian Lavender Absolute, we implement stringent quality controls at every stage of production. We adhere to ISO:9001, REACH, GMP, and Organic standards, all part of our commitment to crafting a superior product.

    Our product is 100% traceable, ensuring top quality from field to bottle:

    • We cultivate our own Lavender plants in the lush hills and valleys of Bulgaria, controlling every aspect of growth.
    • Our own mills and distilleries process the harvest, guaranteeing that production meets the highest standards.
    • We also conduct rigorous testing in our own laboratories to confirm the purity of the absolute we produce.
  • Uses and Direction for Use
    • Combine one to two drops with the doTERRA moisturizer of your choice and apply to the face, neck, and décolletage.
    • Apply one drop to skin imperfections twice daily.
    • Diffuse in the morning to promote feelings of energy and vitality.
  • Technical Documents

    Download the technical documents below.