Essential oils

Scots Pine Oil

Pinus Sylvestris

Scots Pine Essential Oil, obtained through water-steam distillation of Pinus Sylvestris needles and small branches.


Thracian Oils


Essential Oil



Extract Part

Needles and small branches

Extraction Method

Water-Steam Distillation


Thracian Valley, South-Central Bulgaria


Conventional / Organic / Pharmaceutical


Tournaire Aluminium Bottles 0.25kg, 0,5kg, 1kg, … 32kg

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    Alongside various herbs and flowers, Thracian Oils produces high-grade white pine essential oil that’s 100% pure and organic. Our large fields in the Thracian Valley allow for young trees to be grown in large numbers using only bio farming methods. We’re able to produce large quantities of essential oil that’s perfect for medicinal practices. We offer you:

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    • Steady supply of essential oil over a course of years

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    Thracian Oils is an influential manufacturer and supplier of therapeutic-grade white pine essential oil in Bulgaria and we are able to meet large demands thanks to our connections with other local growers. With us you have a continuous supply of top-market product sold at preferential rates – that’s the best value for your money. Invest in your business now and place your order.

  • Description

    Description of the tree
    Pynus sylvestris can be defined as an evergreen, coniferous tree whose growth is between 115 ft and 150 ft (35-45 m). The pine’s bark is thick with orange-red to brown-grey hues and possesses green-blue leaves which are fairly short.

    Description of the oil
    Composed of over 30 compounds, the oil of Pinus Sylvestris comprises 1 methyl-4-(1-methylethyl), 3-Cyclohexene-1-methanol, 1-methyl-4-(1-methylethenyl), .alpha., 3-Cyclohexen-1-ol, Cyclohexanol, and .alpha.4-trimethyl as its principal constituents.

    Romania has regarded the timber tree as quite important throughout many centuries, and despite that the dried bark from the trees is wood processing’s waste, thanks to steam distillation, the fallen pine bark can still be used to get the essential oil of the white pine tree.

    Pine oil should be distinguished from other pine products, such as rosin and turpentine, and it has a resinous, warm, and quite appealing fragrance and a sweet aroma.

  • History and Origin

    White pine or Scots pine (known as Pinus Sylvestris) natively grows in regions of Asia and all over Europe, including Russia and Austria. In Estonia, it is a common coniferous tree. This is indeed the very tree people across the globe decorate for Christmas.

    White pine’s ubiquitousness has turned it into such a crucial element of supplemental health. It is quite simple to produce the essential oil as pine trees are grown in gigantic numbers everywhere.

    Its lengthy and hugely interesting history stems back to ancient civilizations, such as the Greeks and Hippocrates himself, who used pine oil for boosting energy, alleviating pain, cleansing, and eliminating stress and stress associated symptoms.

  • Uses and Effects

    Combines well with
    Drops of the oils of rosemary, lemon, thyme, Eucalyptus smithii, and marjoram blend very well with those of pine oil.

    Uses / effects
    White pine oil, along with other essential oils, exhibits biological effects against pathogens. It is super effective in the treatment of different skin diseases and problems, especially for eczema, pimples, itching, sores, scabies, fleas, and psoriasis.

    The oil provides for a smooth, balanced, shiny, and renewed skin and acts a shield and antioxidant against free radicals that are detrimental to the overall health of the skin.

    Free radicals aim for healthy cells under the skin and cause mutations, thus leading to sagging skin, wrinkles, and premature aging. White pine oil works for preventing the adverse effects associated with free radicals.

    Mosquitoes and the diseases that they bear are one of the main mortality and morbidity causes worldwide. The oil of white pine is gaining a lot of prominence as an alternative method in the bloody massacre against these annoying insects.

    The oil of Pinus Sylvestris is a prodigious contributor to the wellbeing of your metabolism by speeding it up and advancing the activity levels. Intestinal problems are easily treated by pine oil as it is beneficial for cleansing our bodies.

    Its diuretic nature aids us in eliminating excess body water by stimulating urination. In this way, any uric acid, salt, excess water, and fat goes away from your body which, on the other hand, maintains the overall health of the kidneys since they don’t need to deal with so many toxins.

    If you have had a food poisoning, make sure to make use of pine oil, because it helps for the quicker removal of toxins from your body via more frequent urination.

    Pine oil is amazing in purifying the air at home, hence eradicating multitudes of toxins that lurk around your house and can cause colds, respiratory infections, and allergies. In this regard, it works as a natural remedy for asthma.

    Since it contributes to the overall decrease of toxins in the air of your house, pine oil is also one of the best headache relievers and PMS-related symptoms that lead to headaches.

    Cuts, boils, Athletes’ Foot, and sports injuries all benefit from the amazing antiseptic and anti-fungal properties of pine oil. The latter can be a real nerve-racking experience so using the essential oil of pine is a very wise idea.


    Use in aromatherapy (if applicable)
    In aromatherapy, the oil of pine is believed to uplift one’s mood and make him or her generally happy.

    Use in perfume industry
    The oil of Pinus Sylvestris is an indispensable part of scented products and perfumes because of the spellbindingly sweet aroma which it adds up to cosmetics.

    Use in beauty and skin products and for massages
    The oil of white pine is capable of effectively dealing with and eliminating lice from our hairs. Commonly observed as an integral part of cleaning products and soaps, it is also used for bath oils and is a base for massages oils.

  • Technical Documents

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